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We live in two worlds, the world of the large and the world of the small. The large world includes those things we can see with the... Continue

Well, we made it through another winter. Late storms finally blessed us with a decent volume of moisture, but now it’s warm again.... Continue

In politics, timing is everything. After a close win in Iowa, and a clear win in New Hampshire, the Bernie Sanders campaign had seized... Continue

It was hard to miss the chatter about the Valley’s Affordable Housing Crisis swamping the news feeds on our Devices, which is where... Continue

During one month, the Board of Supervisors made three different declarations of emergency – Napa earthquake, 2018 floods, and drought... Continue

There has never been a better time than during this COVID-19 crisis to build meaningful relationships with your donors. But that doesn’t... Continue

Time flies by. It seems to flit past me at the speed of light. No wonder it’s a four letter word, but so is love. These two little... Continue

Everyone at lower income levels is now going to get a $1,200 check, and for the first time, self-employed “freelancers and gig workers”... Continue

To have a fully functioning estate plan, you need to have coordination. The estate planner prepares the necessary legal documents,... Continue

As the school year begins, I’d like to pose a question: What would be a good topic for an article about education in Sonoma Valley... Continue

Dear Emily, Our house has a large family room, one end is a kitchen, where I cook (and love doing it). The other end has comfortable... Continue

In 2017 the Sonoma Valley Fund published a study called Hidden In Plain Sight, an “in-depth look at our community’s needs and its... Continue

Credo for today Why am I here? Who am I?  What do I believe? How shall I live my life? Where do I stand?  When do I speak out? Ten... Continue

The Shelter in Place mandate is in place, and it’s a little freaky out there. All these crazy changes to our way of life, to our... Continue

Lately, while so much council attention is paid to our Plaza trees, homes in the hillsides, and the exact right number of food trucks... Continue

A recent 60 Minutes story profiled migrants from Central America and Mexico caravanning in a mass migration north to the U.S. border.... Continue

It’s a great time in schools. Everyone is excited. Things are new and fresh, from school supplies to room decorations to sneakers... Continue

“Today more than ever we are in the business of building relationships and learning to gain the trust of our prospects through vulnerability... Continue

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