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In describing the bureaucratic workings of Fascism, political theorist Hannah Arendt famously referred to “the banality of evil.”... Continue

My social security check paid for the gas to drive to downtown Sonoma on June 6 to be in the Walk for Justice rally and march, organized... Continue

As police chiefs nationwide rush to the cameras to disavow the chokehold and ‘take a knee,’ one can’t help thinking... Continue

I came of age and lent my youthful passionate voice during the turbulent era of civil rights, War on Poverty, equality for women and... Continue

There has never been a better time than during this COVID-19 crisis to build meaningful relationships with your donors. But that doesn’t... Continue

My question is this: why, oh why, do humans, century after century, continue their violence, slaughter, torture, neglect, cruelty,... Continue

The Sonoma urban growth boundary (UGB) renewal issue has been a long-running battle pitting fears of an amorphous and terrifying “sprawl”... Continue

Guy Jarreau, a Napa Community College student, was shot and killed by a Vallejo police officer in 2010. By Loretta Carr The distress... Continue

My brother Larry was under the illusion our mother was a good mother, but he had a different childhood than we did. My sisters believed... Continue

The tax deadline of July 15, 2020 for filing and paying for 2019 income taxes, and paying the first two vouchers of 2020 estimated... Continue

What’s fresh, and a delicious recipe for sauteed escarole Winter, if we can call it that in the amazing Sonoma Valley, does slow... Continue

The City of Sonoma’s police department is, by contract, administered and staffed by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office. This provides... Continue

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