Inflammatory comments demand explanation, response

Posted on May 9, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

We still don’t know what the Mattsons think or if they have changed their opinions since the social media posts. And more importantly it does not tell us if they or Tim LeFever are continuing to fund or front anti-gay and anti-women organizations. It appears the Mattsons or LeFever will not respond to any news organizations requests for comment beyond the canned and meaningless quote we already have.  What do we conclude? By not responding or agreeing to be interviewed it could be concluded that they have not changed their views and continue to use their profits to fund these organizations and causes.

I also know that many feel that it is none of our business what they say or what they fund, but I disagree.  Many of us consciously choose where to spend our money and make investments. I think we have the right to know where the business owners stand and what organizations and causes they fund, to make an informed decision. I call on these people to answer the hard questions for our community, if they expect us to spend our money at their businesses and refer our friends and clients to them for events.  

They have the obligation to be forthcoming and honest for the community and future clients.  They need to agree to answer our questions at a town hall meeting, or at least be interviewed by someone from the local press.

— Josette Brose-Eichar, Sonoma


3 thoughts on “Inflammatory comments demand explanation, response

  1. The properties they bought on east napa are an eye sore! They spend all this money and don’t even keep up their properties. Dry weeds and a major fire hazard. Its most obvious they care little about Sonoma and more about their wallets and condemning lifestyles and our wonderful gay community.

  2. I could give hoot on what peoples attitudes are about LGBT , gays , lesbians are . .I need to buy something chances are , I’m buying it where ever I can .You can’t convince people to change their views .Many blacks don’t like whites .And plenty of whites will speak poorly of blacks .There are always going to be people who think two people of the same gender , hitting the sheets is just wrong . So welcome to the real world . You can’t force ” acceptance . Tough !

  3. Jack Shmollie or whoever he really is sums up the prevailing attitude of our culture. I do not care about anyone except myself. I do not care if harm happens to other people who are different than me. Money and acquiring stuff are more important than any other consideration in the world. In short you and everyone like you are root of all problems. If you took the time to think it through and put your self in someones else’s shoes it would go a long way to making our community and the world a better place. Tom Ammiano in San Francisco said it best a few years ago, “Walk a mile in my pumps.”

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