Stop roadside dumping!

Posted on February 13, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

My wife and I enjoy drives and walks on scenic country roads in our area. Sadly, there are some who dump garbage and debris alongside rural roads, rather than go to the trouble and expense of hauling it to an appropriate disposal site. This is more than an aesthetic issue, since some of the debris may contain materials that are toxic — and likely to wash down into the watershed.

We have photos showing debris recently dumped at the side of Cavedale Road, just below Pestoni Winery. This is on a steep slope, making for a very difficult clean-up task.

Concerned citizens should be alert to suspicious loads of trash being trucked along our country roads. To make a report, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 707.565.2511 or Sonoma County Public Works, Roads Division, at 707.565.2231.

— Carl Sherill, Sonoma Valley


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