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Posted on October 19, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Can a man who is a moderate independent win an election in Sonoma?

This endorsement of a man who has been described by a fellow Citizens Advisory Board member as: “a good guy who does his homework” is about the right person for the Sonoma City Council at this time.
Jack Ding, in addition to being a successful local business man, has a long history of volunteering, in Sonoma. Jack thinks that actions speak louder than

Jack serves as Treasurer on the board of SOS and is very aware of the acute need for additional housing in Sonoma Valley. During the fire, he worked nights at the City shelter and became friends with some of the folks that evacuated to the shelter. Jack stayed up late talking to people and providing them comfort and courage.

Caring about people comes naturally to Jack, perhaps it is because he was raised by 2 medical professionals – his father was a surgeon and his mother a nurse. Their care and concern for people in need made an early impression on Jack which contributed to his well developed sense of caring for others, especially those in need.
Jack has translated this sense of caring to his professional life as an Enrolled Agent in his tax service practice and it has helped him to calm and reassure his clients, who are often stressed and panicked at the thought of dealing with the IRS.  Jack seems always to find a solution to his clients’ often complex issues.

Like many of us, Jack is dismayed at the conflict and confusion in the city government right now. When asked recently by a voter what are your priorities for our City Council and Jack replied: I want to bring harmony to Sonoma City Government. The conflict between the Council and the community as well s the conflicts between the council and the city manager and staff are sadly counterproductive to the civic health of our City.

Jack is very concerned that Sonoma is headed for financial disaster if something isn’t done to better manage the City’s budget. Many people have not been able to fully understand the City’s financial statements and have concerns about their transparency and accuracy. Those issues must be addressed in a cooperative and effective manner as quickly as possible.
By his involvement in the Chinese Sister Cities organization, Jack has acted a  bridge between the two cultures and is an outstanding example of the citizen who came to America and worked hard, integrated well and has been contributing his love to his city and country for many years.

Jack is a man of simple decisive action who is not afraid to make his
vote very heard in times of need and those of us who know Jack, are aware that when he is passionate about something, like safe, high quality, low income
housing, when financed soundly and properly, he can speak very loud!
This endorsement is sincere and gladly given.
— Robert Demmler, Sonoma

2 thoughts on “Vote Jack Ding

  1. Jack Ding is indeed a Nice Guy. But have you ever tried to pin him down on specifics as to What Would He Do about any specific issue? Sure — everyone wants Affordable Housing, but how – exactly- does he propose to make it a reality?
    “Harmony” is a nice objective but it sure isn’t a game plan for getting things done or figuring out what, exactly, he stands for.

  2. I don’t know why anyone wants to serve on the council . Pretty precarious . Always somebody unhappy . Jack certainly has ample understanding of financial statements . I do look at the ” affordable housing ” issue as an impossible situation .Good luck .

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