Name change will help Museum grow

Posted on April 18, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun

I am a founding member of the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and have been involved in the past with many annual fundraisers and more recently, the creation of the Museum Gift Shop.

In the last two years, I am totally overwhelmed with the talent and incredible number of qualified, caring residents who have joined the Museum Board. They, along with staff, professional advisors and consultants, have investigated the many ways that the museum can grow on all fronts. This includes membership, communication, recognition and greater noticeability to both our Sonoma residents and visitors.

While the name change may seem minor to many of us, the request from the present board, its President, the Executive Director and the staff needs to be recognized. They obviously see after 20 years, that the museum needs to grow bigger, better and perhaps in different ways. I will love our museum whatever the name, but I lend my support to the board and staff who want to make some exciting changes moving forward.

— Suzanne Brangham, Sonoma

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