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America was founded from within a state of paranoia, the persecution experience of the Puritans and other Christian sects in England.... Continue

Nancy King of Pet’s Lifeline organizes designer purses — and corrals precious kittens — in advance of Tailwags and Handbags,... Continue

My latest writing theme focuses on the language of flowers or plant symbolism. In my first article I designed a little love garden.... Continue

The ongoing political destabilization provoked by the unlikely election of Donald Trump has now escalated to what may be a constitutional... Continue

Not all tax scam are instigated by outsiders. Some normally honest folks succumb to the temptation to falsely inflate deductions or... Continue

We note that City Council is entertaining whether to declare Sonoma a Sanctuary City, or some such thing. The idea is to demonstrate... Continue

Congratulations to Boyes Hot Springs historian and artist Michael Acker for his recently released book, “The Springs Resort Towns... Continue

One of the things I love about the First District is the diversity of landscape, people, and issues. While some elements are shared,... Continue

It seems that whenever I place a phone call to a staff member of any nonprofit organization, I’m told 90 percent of the time... Continue

Love is no small thing. When you’ve loved and lost anything that was alive you tell yourself to accept loss, to let go, to flow with... Continue

To the surprise of most of us, Republican Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote. Some of us were depressed, Cher wanted to leave... Continue

The Altamira Apartments affordable housing development on Broadway brings to the fore many salient regional planning and climate, sustainability... Continue

Oh Facebook, how I love thee. Dropbox, you make my life so simple. iTunes, what would I do without your constant stream of music and... Continue

As the drumming intensifies, so does my heartbeat and breathing rate. Stomping feet, twirling bodies, and the intermittent rattle of... Continue

By Louann Carlomagno – Math… a word that either brings excitement or fear. Students and parents alike experience the same... Continue

Dear Emily, Our house has a large family room, one end is a kitchen, where I cook (and love doing it). The other end has comfortable... Continue

Sun Special Report by Anna Pier — In immigration forums offered around the Valley since election day, providing “Know Your... Continue

On my last marker birthday I muddled over penning my obituary, my epitaph, or a real estate ad. Writing my own obituary was too weird.... Continue