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Sage advice on clearing the air

Posted on July 8, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun


By Kelsey Maddox | Special to The Sun

Recognizing the need for emotional support for seniors after the October fires, Vintage House will host a series of community groups designed for personal support — not  therapy — for those affected. Called “Burning Sage,” and beginning Monday, July 9, each of the seven groups will offer 12 individuals a weekly opportunity to discuss, in their own neighborhood, how the October fire events impacted their lives — then, and later.

In worldwide folklore over thousands of years, burning the herb sage — actually derived from an evergreen shrub — has been a traditional  way to “clear the air” and improve air quality. The Burning Sage program seeks to clear the air, perhaps emotionally, in a community setting. Each group will be led by a professional counselor. The sessions are limited to 12 participants so that everyone  can truly be heard.

The weekly support groups will be held in seven locations in Sonoma Valley. They’re designed as a drop-in meeting : you can join the group when space becomes available at any time. Groups will be offered in the areas listed below.

Most groups will be held in the afternoons. And because Vintage House knows it’s important for all generations to come together as a community, we’ll offer one group for all ages, not just

If you or a loved one was impacted by last October’s events and you’d like support. After you sign up, we’ll contact you about the day and time your group will meet. The program that supports and continues to build community in Sonoma Valley.

The sites are: Sunrise Villa; Sonoma Hills Retirement Living; Temelec communities; Boyes Hot Springs; Glen Ellen; Kenwood; and Vintage House itself, in Sonoma.






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