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Essick for Sheriff

Posted on May 10, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The Sheriff’s race is a particularly important election for us in Sonoma Valley, as our local law enforcement is provided by the Sheriff’s office. After listening to the three candidates, and studying their experience, I believe only one has the breadth and depth we need to properly serve us, Captain Mark Essick.

Captain Essick began his career as a deputy with the Roseland substation community policing program. This is experience no other candidate has. Roseland is a mostly Latino community that, until recently, was an unincorporated island inside Santa Rosa. He says this had a huge influence on his career, as it gave him the understanding that community policing starts with building relationships through listening to community needs.

Unlike police officers that work in cities, the Sonoma County Sheriff is responsible for much greater diversity of terrain and communities. Essick is the only candidate who has experience providing service outside a city. The Sheriff is also responsible for running the county jail; again, only Essick has experience in this area.

Essick also participated in drafting the Sheriff’s Office policy limiting its cooperation with ICE, and served on the Community and Local Law Enforcement Task Force in the wake of the Andy Lopez shooting. He is also mentoring two young Latino men as they strive to become police officers.

Our next Sheriff must have the confidence of the Board of Supervisors. The majority of the Board has endorsed Essick, as has Interim Sheriff Rob Giordano and our Sonoma Police Chief Bret Sackett. Please join us in voting for Mark Essick for Sonoma County Sheriff.

— Gina Cuclis, Sonoma Valley

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