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Redwood Food Bank gets largest poultry donation ever

Posted on November 13, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun


Trucks lining up for turkeys

Redwood Empire Food Bank today accepted its largest single poultry donation ever (18,000 pounds of holiday turkey and 40,000 pounds of poultry products) along with a cash donation of $100,000 from Foster Farms.

Donated turkeys will be distributed to families via the Food Bank’s Emergency Station 3990 which serves neighbors affected by the fires.

The donations will help ensure thousands of local families have access to wholesome food for the upcoming holiday and months ahead as the community recovers from October’s devastating fires, according to Redwood Empire Food Bank Executive Director David Goodman.

“Families are just starting to rebuild their lives, making hard decisions about where to spend limited funds,” said David Goodman. “This donation from Foster Farms makes a significant difference in the lives of these families, providing critical protein and holiday cheer, without the added stress of choosing between paying a bill or preparing a family meal.”

Truck and turkeys


This marks the final stop on Foster Farms’ Thanksgiving turkey donation “tour.” The family-owned company delivered more than 10 truckloads of holiday turkey donations to food banks and community groups in California.

In total, Foster Farms will donate 126,000 pounds of turkey this holiday season, enough to provide more than 140,000 individual meals. While the holiday donations are an annual tradition for Foster Farms, Brill said, this season the company is making a special effort to help communities displaced by the Northern California wildfires.

The company encourages other businesses, organizations and consumers to increase monetary and food donations to their local food banks for critical support.

In addition to these families, the Redwood Empire Food Bank is continuing to meet the ongoing needs of the more than 82,000 children, families and seniors who depend on the food bank regularly in Sonoma County. Statewide, 1 in 8 (12.5 percent) of Californian households were food insecure at some time last year.



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