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Durst among equals

Posted on November 12, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun


Will Durst is an equal-opportunity political satirist, and with Trump in the White House, tweeting away at 4 a.m., there’s no shortage of material. A self-described “raging moderate,” Durst – comic, author, columnist, provocateur – brings his one-man show “Durst Case Scenario” to the Sebastiani Theatre on November 16.

His 7 p.m. rant is “political comedy for folks who don’t like politics.” He says it’s “made possible by the first amendment… at least for now. See it before this sort of thing becomes illegal.”

The New York Times calls him “possibly the best political comic in the country.” Putting the mock into Democracy, Durst promises to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable by hitting them where it hurts the funniest.” A veteran of the San Francisco comedy scene, Durst is a five-time Emmy nominee, and has 800+ television appearances ranging from Letterman and HBO to CNN and Fox News. He’s also been fired by PBS three times.

Durst can’t take all the credit for his success. He says he has the best joke writers in the business: Trump, Trump’s hair and the “535 hard-working satirists in Congress.”

With “The Durst Case Scenario,” the comic explores how America is changing during the Time of Trump. “It’s a feast of outraged and outrageous satire as up-to-date as the latest Oval Office tweet,” he says. “Prepare to meet the funny side of defiance.”

Due to the subversive nature of the show, Durst says, a portion of each ticket “will be donated to fund a nonprofit whose mission will be to bury wire cutters along the Canadian border.”

$20. Sebastiani Theatre, 476 First Street East. 707.996.9756. Wine and beer will be available for purchase.


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