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County road repairs are arbitrary, inefficient

Posted on October 3, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

All taxpayers know how fiscally irresponsible our government representatives are. I was shocked to add a bit of stupidity on top of this governance. I live in Boyes Hot Springs on a block that is maybe a football field long and dead ends into a junior high school. The roads department is paving the two streets that intersect mine, but not paving the street in front of my house. Reason: The roads department and (Board of Supervisors) do not have the money in their budget to do this street.

Here’s the good part: The equipment is here, it stops at the end of the street butting mine and then drives in front of mine to get to the other street in the budget. All the equipment and the rubbish they must take away are staged in front of my house. All these big rigs are doing 180′ turns on my street, tearing up the asphalt more that it already is. So, if the whole repair crew, trucks and paving material is already here, why not just do the intersecting 300′ street?

No, it is better to put this little street on the list and when more money is available, simple send everything back at taxpayers added expense. How do we find these kind of minds to spend our money?

Jack Powers, Boyes Hot Springs


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