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Did hospital board learn lesson?

Posted on June 17, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

I certainly hope the SVH Board got the message during this second effort to pass the Parcel Tax for the hospital. We expect much more from their oversight of SVH operations. Salaries are top heavy, and some SVH departments are simply not well enough utilized to be justified; what is the amount of account receivables not collected and why? What will be the plan to address the $45M in debt that the hospital has incurred?

Property owner supported parcel taxes in perpetuity is not a wise or fair choice. The Board must make some major changes and improvements if they expect property owners to continue to fund the hospital’s debt.

Paula Burkhart

2 thoughts on “Did hospital board learn lesson?

  1. If you must treat every poor house case coming through the door . As Fed law , somebody pays . And of coarse people who work under the table will lie . Next time you see somebody using a food stamp card in the grocery store , follow them out to see what they’re driving . If your not a deadbeat , you pick up the tab for the have nots .

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