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The keys to success

Posted on June 15, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Dan Chevy

Recent high school graduate Belen Fonseca has a great incentive to get her driver’s license – a new car, donated by Dan Roseland of Sonoma Chevrolet. Roseland has carried on a Sonoma Valley High School tradition, providing a ‘new’ used car each year to the after-party that keeps grads safe and sober following the official ceremony.

Fonseca will no doubt be a confident driver. The teen delivered the TEDx speech “How I Became My Own Cultural Role Model” – it’s on YouTube – and has addressed two Sonoma Valley G3 conferences.

One thought on “The keys to success

  1. Dan Roseland & Sonoma Chevrolet – Thank you for continuing the tradition of donating a car to Grad Night. Really good stuff.

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