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Summer message from Mentoring Alliance

Posted on June 15, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun
This is great time of year! We get to see our amazing Senior Mentees graduate high school and move onto their next chapter. We are so proud to have watched all of your grow with your Mentors through your years with the Mentoring Alliance. We also got to close the school year out with a fantastic turnout of Mentors, Mentees and their families at our Year End BBQ at Flowery. With over 500 in attendance, it made my heart burst wide open with gratitude and thanks to every person there in our Mentoring Family, who makes the strength of our Mentor/Mentee Matches possible. I want to give a big shout out to all of the families of our Mentees, who’s trust and belief in our organization, make our mentoring work possible for their children.
As we enter the warmth and fun of summer, and reflect upon the fabric of the past school year, what remains constant is that while we all may come together from different places and situations, our combined resourcefulness, resilience and heart make all of the challenges and the myriad of life events we face, possible to overcome together. We build empathy and connection each school year.
I am grateful to work with a talented team of co-workers, who are able to hold the space for much positive work to be accomplished each year. Hat’s off to all of you, for embracing the beauty of the mentoring relationship and fostering healthy growth for our Mentors and Mentees. Enjoy your summer, remember to be flexible and find joy in the simplicity of Sonoma, our back yard offers much at this time of year.
Lee Morgan Brown, Executive Director, Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance

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