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Pot Growers Alliance says no on County’s Measure A

Posted on March 3, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The Sonoma County Growers Alliance (SCGA) has stated its position on Measure A, the Sonoma County Cannabis Business Tax on Commercial Cannabis Business. SCGA opposes Measure A.  We are working directly with industry leaders and our membership to develop a fair and equitable tax structure to benefit Sonoma County.  The SCGA has surveyed our membership and found an overwhelming response opposing Measure A.   We urge our membership and other citizens to vote No on Measure A.

SCGA has outlined several areas of concern with the proposed tax measure that gave the organization and its membership extreme concern:

  • The top tax rate of 10% would exceed profitability
  • The taxes are subject to changes by a majority vote of the Supervisors
  • Excessive tax rates for License Types 2 & 3
  • The funds go to the General Fund of the County and are not targeted
  • Timeline for reporting and tax payments due before permits are obtained
  • The cost burden of industry implementation falls on early adopters
  • The short timeline presented for the tax scheme left little opportunity for discussion that led to a lack of confidence in the County proposal

Sonoma County Growers Alliance is hosting a workshop for the community to discuss the County of Sonoma and Santa Rosa Tax proposal on March 3, at the Finley Center in Santa Rosa  from 2-5PM. Details can be found at

Sonoma County Growers Alliance is a community group organized to educate, collaborate and advocate for patient, cultivator and community rights and responsibilities.  SCGA works cooperatively with all individuals, businesses, and regulatory bodies to ensure that reasonable environmental, social and economic standards are set in place, helping cultivators within the community to participate and thrive responsibly.


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