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Best of Sonoma Valley 2015: foodie surprise

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Sarah Stierch
Spicy, comforting and warm - chicken curry soup at Divewalk Cafe (Photo: Sarah Stierch)
Spicy, comforting and warm – chicken curry soup at Divewalk Cafe (Photo: Sarah Stierch)

One of the best surprises of 2015 was the introduction of Vietnamese and Thai-inspired cuisine at the Divewalk Cafe (19449 Riverside Dr., Sonoma |

Owners Lorene Reed and Marc Sloop love their exotic flavors. Launching as a creperie, the cafe now serves Bánh Mì, which has a cult following, Vietnamese pho, and delicious curry soups.

The chicken curry soup is a regular addition to my weekly lunch cycle. It’s spicy (hot), flavorful, and has the right mix of potatoes, glass noodles, chicken and spices to encourage happy food dances (c’mon, you know you have one).

The pho is equally good, with rare sirloin steak cooking immediately as it comes into contact with hot beef broth. Garnish it with all the traditional fixin’s and you’ll forget all about all your woes.

Order at the cafe and dine-in, take it to go, or have it delivered to you next door at Sonoma Springs Brewery. Bring your laptop – free wifi and good coffee makes it a great hangout spot.

One thought on “Best of Sonoma Valley 2015: foodie surprise

  1. We are “bursting with pride” for Marc’s success in cooking and creativity. He did learn some of his skills growing up
    with both his parents involved with cooking, entertaining and family gathering. Mom & Dad Sloop

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